Phoenix Ostomy Closet Re-Opening

Beginning August 13th, the Phoenix Ostomy Closet will be open every Thursday between 1-3 pm at the Toll House Building, 501 West 7th Street, Frederick, MD to provide supplies, support and receive donations. Masks are required and a Nurse will take your temperature in order to enter the building. After approved by the Nurse, walk down the hallway to the Closet, marked by this sign:


Due to COVID-19 we are currently meeting virtually using Zoom. If you are interested in our virtual meetings, called 301-663-1203 or email and leave a message that includes your phone # and email address; someone will be in touch.

When we actually meet again, the Frederick Area Ostomy Support Group will be meeting in a conference room at the Toll House Building, 501 W. 7th Street, Frederick, MD (across the street from Frederick Health Hospital) and everyone will be notified via email.

If you have any questions, need emergency supplies, having ostomy issues or just want to talk with someone, please leave a message and someone will be in touch (if it’s an issue, let us know the type of ostomy you have and a few details so we can have the best member call you.